Basic usage

Steps to add a new post:

  1. git clone the project to your local machine (if doing for the first time, make sure to yarn install the dependencies). Make sure you are on the build branch.
  2. Go to src/pages and add a new directory with mkdir. Format of the directory should be <YEAR>-<MONTH>-<DAY>-<POST-NAME>.
  3. Inside that newly created directory, create an file. This is a markdown file and you can use markdown
  4. In the root of the project, run yarn dev, this starts up a local development server with hot reloading, so you can see the changes and posts you make in realtime on localhost:8000
  5. If you forked this repo, make a new Pull Request. If you are a project collaborator with commit access, then you can just do yarn deploy.
  6. Share the post!

Advanced usage

This is a gatsby project so you can use any JavaScript you want. If you want to do styling changes, please open a PR rather than pushing to the repo so that we can review the styling and project structure changes.