Gatsby Bootstrap Netlify Starter

Bootstrap 4, bootswatch and netlify CMS starter for Gatsby.

This repo contains an example blog that is built with Gatsby, and Netlify CMS.

Getting Started


  • Node (I recommend using v8.2.0 or higher)
  • Gatsby CLI

Run Locally

npm start

Accessing the CMS

Follow the Netlify CMS Quick Start Guide to set up authentication, and hosting.


Set your site's title in gatsby-config.js. If you set disqus to your ID, it will be used for your comments, set it to false and it will be left out. It's currently set to gatsby-starter-blog, for the demo, but you can set it to your disqus ID. author and authorLink aren't currently used for anything, but maybe later.


You can quickly load any theme from bootswatch by editing src/layouts/index.scss, and switching out cosmo for one of these:

  • cosmo
  • cerulean
  • cyborg
  • darkly
  • flatly
  • journal
  • litera
  • lumen
  • lux
  • materia
  • minty
  • pulse
  • sandstone
  • simplex
  • sketchy
  • slate
  • solar
  • spacelab
  • superhero
  • united
  • yeti

There's 2 lines to change.

You can also comment/uncomment lines in that file to customize exactly what parts of bootstrap are loaded.