Risan Bagja's Programming Blog

Risan Bagja's programming blog powered by Gatsby.


The following item is required to run this blog:


1. Clone the Repository

Run the following command to clone this repository into your computer:

$ git clone [email protected]:risan/blog.risanb.com.git

2. Install the Dependencies

Within the project directory, run the following command to install the dependencies:

# Go to the cloned directory
$ cd blog.risanb.com

# Install the dependencies
$ yarn

3. Run the Blog 🎉

Type the following command to run this blog:

$ yarn dev

It will start the development server. You can visit the blog at: localhost:8000. You can also browse the blog's data using the GraphiQL IDE at: localhost:8000/___graphql?.

To build the blog for production, run the following command:

$ yarn build

The static files will be generated at the public directory.