everything sweden is a guide for expats I made back in 2014, to help readers understand how sweden works and how to move and settle here. previously this was a standard wordpress site, hosted at tso-host for a fee every year. after learning more about gatsby and surge, and hosting static sites for free, i wanted to migrate the site from wordpress to gatsby.

i'm using kyle mathews gatsby-starter-blog boilerplate and his kirkham typography theme.

adding frontmatter

title: Moving to Sweden? One expat's story.
date: "2016-03-30"


  • migrate images to own folders
  • seo posts with descriptions and URLs
  • surge host
  • migrate DNS to new host
  • add "about us" page
  • add search feature
  • add rooted footer to bottom of page with about us page link


gatsby build && surge public/ --domain everythingsweden.com