Open Blog is a blog post open source publication platform to let everybody share as many post as he/her want. If you publish a blog post on your own blog, it won't have great visibility. Gathering post on the same publication is a great way to share audience with the community.

Why ?

Of course this type of platform already exists but they have an important problem: an economic model.

To summarize, sharing your articles on Open Blog is to guarantee to your users:

  • no advertising
  • no user tracking
  • freely and without charge

Taking advantage of Github Pages and a travis deployment, Open Blog does not need to generate revenue.


  • Markdown based
  • I18n
  • SEO tags
  • Code snippets
  • Images
  • RSS feed

Share your blog post :rocket:

If you want to publish an article here, take a look at the "How to" documentation.

Make "Open Blog" a better place :sparkles:

If you have any idea to improve Open blog globally, don't hesitate to open a discussion Github issues (Take 5 minutes to check if your idea has not been submitted yet).