A blog by Niko Heikkilä. Powered by coffee, VS Code, and Gatsby.

🔧 Installation & Usage

1. Build Locally with Yarn

To run the build locally, type like so:

yarn dev

2. Build Locally with Now

Alternatively, you can mimic the production environment from Now like so:

npm install -g now
now dev

This will download and execute a Now builder running the gatsby develop command. Be warned that this is a new feature with Now and might not work as expected. In case you encounter any problems, revert to option #1.

Finally, open http://localhost:8000 to view the blog.

🤖 Run tests

Project is packaged with ESLint code style tests, AVA unit tests, Cypress automated tests, and Pa11y accessibility tests. They can be ran respectively like so:

yarn lint
yarn test:unit
yarn test:dev
yarn test:a11y