Ghost Casper theme for Gatsby blog.

  resolve: 'gatsby-theme-ghost-casper',
  options: {
    pathPrefix: '', // path prefix for the website URL
// Other plugins comes here


- Add the following content in `src/data/authors.yml` file to add the author information.

- id: username # unique username for the author. This will be used in the URL for the author page
  name: Name # Name of the author
  bio: Bio # Bio of the author
  location: Location # Location of the author
  website: # Website of the author
  twitter: twitter_username
  facebook: faceboon_username
  profileImage: # URL containing the author profile Image
  coverImage: # Cover Image to show in authors page
  • The links shown in the header can be customized by adding them in src/data/navigation.yml file
- label: Home
  url: /

- label: About
  url: /about
  • The theme supports creating blog posts using markdown files. You can start adding your first page by creating a file at src/pages/<YOUR-AWESOME-PATH>/ with the following content.

title: Your Awesome Title <!-- Title of the post -->
date: '2019-07-07' <!-- Date of the post in which it is published -->
tags: ['tag1', 'tag2'] <!-- A new page will be created for each tag listing all the posts associated with that tags -->
author: username <!-- id of the author that we defined in authors.yaml file  -->
featuredImage: ./welcome.jpg <!-- relative path of the image that used to show as featured Image  -->
draft: false <!-- Set it as true to skip this page during the production build.  -->


Your Awesome Blog Content
  • To set sitewide featured image, place a file named featured-image.jpeg and the theme will pick it up.
  • To change the site logo, place your logo file as PNG named as logo.png in the src/gatsby-theme-ghost-casper/assets/ directory.
  • Now run npm run develop or yarn run develop to start development. Happy Blogging. 😇