Gatsby Starter: Minimal Blog

Typography driven, focus on the content & minimal style. Powered by MDX.

I hope you like my starters and create something awesome! To see some of my work you can visit my website or support me on Patreon to get some neat rewards (4K images, project files, tutorial insights). Every pledge on Patreon helps me creating more free starters!

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  • Articles in MDX (gatsby-mdx)
  • Code highlighting (with prism-react-renderer) and live preview (with react-live)
  • Styled Components 💅
  • Netlify Contact Form
  • Categories
  • Offline Support
  • WebApp Manifest Support
  • SEO
    • Sitemap
    • JSONLD
    • OpenGraph Tags
    • Twitter Tags

Getting Started

Check your development environment! You'll need Node.js, the Gatsby CLI and node-gyp installed. The official Gatsby website also lists two articles regarding this topic:

To copy and install this starter run this command (with "project-name" being the name of your folder you wish to install it in):

gatsby new project-name
cd project-name
npm run develop

Adding new features/plugins

You can add other features by having a look at the official plugins page

Building your site

npm run build

Copy the content of the public folder to your webhost or use a website like Netlify which automates that for you.

Attention: You also need to edit static/robots.txt to include your domain!