Strapi Starter Gatsby Blog

Updated version of the first Gatsby starter with much more features

This starter allows you to try Strapi with Gatsby with the example of a simple blog. It is fully customizable and due to the fact that it is open source, fully open to contributions. So do not hesitate to add new features and report bugs!


  • 2 Content types: Article, Category
  • 2 Created articles
  • 3 Created categories
  • Responsive design using UIkit
  • SEO and social media friendly


  • "/" to display every articles
  • "/article/:id" to display one article
  • "/category/:id" display articles depending on the category

Getting started

Use our create-strapi-starter CLI to create your project.

# Using Yarn
yarn create strapi-starter my-site gatsby-blog

# Or using NPM
npx create-strapi-starter my-site gatsby-blog

The CLI will create a monorepo, install dependencies, and run your project automatically.

The Gatsby frontend server will run here => http://localhost:8000

The Strapi backend server will run here => http://localhost:1337