Gatsby & Netlify CMS Example

An example website built using Gatsby V2 and Netlify CMS. The website is a fake JavaScript meetup site that lists upcoming meetups, information about the meetup group, as well as a list of past meetups.

The purpose of the repository is to provide an idea of how a Gatsby project is structured with Netlify CMS. You can easily deploy your own instance of this application by clicking the button below:

Deploy to Netlify

Local Development


  • Node (see nvmrcfor version)

Run the project

$ git clone [email protected]:robertcoopercode/gatsby-netlify-cms.git
$ cd gatsby-netlify-cms
$ yarn
$ yarn develop

To test the CMS locally, you'll to need run a production build of the site:

$ yarn build
$ yarn serve

Setting up the CMS

For details on how to configure the CMS, take a look at the Netlify CMS Docs.

Useful Ressources