Givest- Non Profit Gatsby Template is an exclusive web template that helps designers and web developers build a modern website for non-profit organizations. You can use this amazing web developing tool to help raise awareness for a good cause on the internet. It is powered by Gatsby which is an open-source static website generator (SSG) based on React JS that can be used to craft static websites following the latest standards of Web development that are well optimized for speed and security.

With the Givest Gatsby React template, you’ll have everything your charity website needs to get started! This Gatsby React-based template is perfect for non-profits and charities that need help in getting their sites up and running quickly. As it comprises all the essential inner web pages, including the home page, about page, causes page, event details page, as well as blog page, you can tailor it to suit requirements. You can also take advantage of the latest version of the gatsby image React component that gives you the capability of advanced image loading techniques to optimize image loading for your sites with more ease. We have used React hooks technology here that makes the code more reusable and readable. Also, we developed this template with component-based and developer-friendly modern pure JavaScript, having no jQuery dependency.