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  • Google Analytics
  • Mailchimp (Either disable subscribe or setup a mailchimp list and add the form action and hidden field input name.)

To do:

[x] add all social medias
[ ] subscribe form using mailchimp
[ ] floating reading progress bar

How to configure Google Analytics

Edit gatsby-config.js and add your tracking ID

    resolve: `gatsby-plugin-google-analytics`,
    options: {
      // Here goes your tracking ID
      trackingId: 'UA-XXXX-Y',
      // Puts tracking script in the head instead of the body
      head: true,
      // IP anonymization for GDPR compliance
      anonymize: true,
      // Disable analytics for users with `Do Not Track` enabled
      respectDNT: true,
      // Avoids sending pageview hits from custom paths
      exclude: ['/preview/**'],
      // Specifies what percentage of users should be tracked
      sampleRate: 100,
      // Determines how often site speed tracking beacons will be sent
      siteSpeedSampleRate: 10,