This is a theme for a headless WordPress site using Gatsby as a static front end. It has all the stuff I wanted for my personal site, so I wanted to put it all in one theme.

I borrowed heavily from other themes, props to Jeff at Northstack, Zac Gordon, and the Tailwind Starter Theme.

Note: This is still very experimental, don't use on a production site unless you're willing to deal with some bugs!


  • Fetch WordPress content via GraphQL
  • Comments
  • MailChimp Opt-in form
  • Design with Tailwind CSS
  • SEO tags
  • Sitemap
  • Google analytics
  • Static Featured Images via Gatsby Image

You can use my WP Netlify Deploy plugin to automatically rebuild on Netlify when you create or update a post.


  • A WordPress site with the WPGraphQL plugin installed and active
  • A free Netlify account to host your Gatsby site
  • A github repository for the Gatsby files

How to use this theme

  1. Clone the repo

  2. Install dependencies



    npm install
  3. Edit the config.js file with your site information

  4. Run the development server

    gatsby develop
  5. Push to your own git repository, and publish on Netlify

You can use my WP Netlify Deploy plugin to automatically update your Gatsby front end when a post is created or updated.